Delivering Business and Executive Coaches Professional Development.

On August 23rd I was invited to deliver at the Coaching for More Continual Professional Development day.

Coaching for More is recognised as one of the leaders in business and executive coaching and training in the UK and overseas so it was an honour and pleasure to deliver to their alumni in Edinburgh.

CfM Consulting run 4 CPD events through the year designed to inspire & take their coaches to the next level.

It was a a great opportunity for me to talk to a totally different audience than I am used to speaking to, and an opportunity for the audience to explore comparisons between the their professional world of business and executive coaching, and my professional world of sports coaching.

My 45 minute presentation was followed by 1½ hours of questions and really interesting, challenging and enlightening conversations with the audience.

The three key themes I wanted to present and discuss were:

- Goal Setting -  is it limiting or liberating?

- Does how we measure success contribute to, or detract from our success?

- Failure – is failure such a bad thing?

I used stories from my life as examples and illustrations of the key points.

I also drew on my experience and knowledge of racing and coaching sailing and coaching high level skiers and how I structure lasting and effective performance development.

There were lots of positive comments and light bulb moments for the audience with my sporting perspective helping them gain clarity and deeper understanding of their actions and consequences.