Professional Training

A brilliant course for BASI instructors preparing for their level 4 Technical exam. Our trainer Jaz Lamb completely de-mystified the level requirements and helped us understand what we needed to do to un-block our development.

Organisation was 1st rate by the BASS office and the training on the hill was well structured - lots of learning, practice and demanding enough to give an insight to the physicality demanded by the 4 Tech exam. We'll be back for more. Thank-you.


“Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the afternoon.  It made me think about the topics covered in a different way and was inspiring to explore more, it was also great to catch up with everybody.”

“Pass all the best for a great day to your team, especially yourself and Becs, very well presented, very professional, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“What a superb day on Friday!  I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations which were extremely thought provoking and informative.  Thank you!”


“Jaz has directed us towards resources, introduced us to contacts and researched on behalf of us across the UK to ensure a cost effective, productive and highly efficient training programme that has developed limited sailing experience into noticeable improvements in techniques and tactics on the water.”


“Belated thanks for the coaching. Feedback has been really postive and it helped us all.... We used a lot of your training techniques at the weekend - talking honestly and resolving issues as a team and taking team responsibility which really worked.... Thanks Jaz, you personally made a big difference to my mind set and confidence and it showed in my bow work.”


James is an extraordinary leader. He inspires those who work with him to perpetual self development. His organisational and planning abilities provide them with the business resources and support that ensures their success.

The success of BASS Morzine, one of the finest, elite snowsports schools in Europe, stands testament to James’ skill and application.


“Thanks for all your help and company over the weekend. It was a valuable experience for everyone. From discussions with the group it seems that everyone liked your style of combining a certain emotional calmness with clear and decisive communication. For my part I think I learned how much I still have to learn.”