Business Development through Sports Coaching.

I use my background as a high level performer and international level sports coach to enable Business Leaders and Teams to live the experience of being an individual in a competitive, coordinated, high performing yacht racing crew.  This experience allows them to understand performing in a pressure environment, what it takes to perform consistently and what is involved in developing and producing high level performance.  This practical experience is related back into their natural workplace.

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Leadership Development

Experience what it feels like to perform under pressure alongside others and develop an insight into your own strengths and blindspots and how this translates into how you react as a leader.

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Team Development

We put people into real, challenging situations where they can fully appreciate how their role and responsibilities integrates with and impacts others and the desired outcome.

Increased individual self-awareness allows us to build highly functioning teams.


keynote Speaking

I use my sports coaching and perfoming background to give businesses a different perspective on Performance.  And inspire business teams and leaders to better their performance through sports coaching principles.

Jaz Lamb has a unique perspective on performance.

Recognised as one of the highest qualifed and experienced ski coaches in the world, he understands skiing as a high level performer (representing Great Britain as part of the GB BASI Interski Team in 2011 and 2015) and a high level coach.

As a sailor, he has coached numerous club and international level campaigns and won National and European Championships.  He has raced on most classes from sportsboats to 50ft race yachts and sailed in every position.  He understands the team dynamic and individual contribution.

As a business leader, he has grown an industry recognised business and sits on the Board of Directors for BASI.