Team Development

There are many common qualities shared by high performing teams regardless of whether the context is sports, music, business or any other environment.

By putting your team in a condensed, intense and competitive environment, we can highlight, coach and develop the qualities that make teams great.

We can use many tools to help this process.  We can work with the core values of your organisation as a template, use the Gallup Stregthsfinder® as a profiling tool or use our depth of experience racing 40 - 50ft yachts and our knowledge of highly effective teams to develop your performance as individuals and a unit.

Using racing yachts as the vehicle, we set tasks in a real life situation that allows us to highlight and coach leadership skills that are transferable back into the work place.

Racing yachts are the ideal tool to use. 

Relying on a crew of 8 - 10 to fulfill specific roles and responsibilities that are critically connected, they are a microcosm of the real business world, especially when you have an identical boat competing against you.

These programmes are tailor made to your specific needs and can be arranged as a stand alone day or potentially as part of a bigger, "industry regatta" with associated networking opportunities.

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